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Тhree zone cleaning

To clean effectively and stop dirt at the entrance area, it is not enough to just install any doormat. Every entrance cleaning system should be considered to the entrance area size, type, congestion, etc. The size of the mat is very important, and the proper combination of different types of items by area provides greater efficiency of the system as a whole.

We can identify three types of zones:

Cleaning zones

1. Zone 1 ( coarse dirt ) - for this zone we recommend entrance mats with brush or rubber inserts, or a combination between them. They will effectively remove contaminants such as small pebbles, sand, snow, mud, etc...

Cleaning zones

2. Zone 2 ( fine dirt ) - for this zone we recommend entrance mats with brush, rubber or carpet inserts, or combination of them. This zone seeks to remove finer debris such as sand and absorb water.

Cleaning zones

3. Zone 3 ( absorption of water ) - for this zone, mats with carpet inserts are suitable. They will further absorb water from the soles to prevent slipping and wet steps in entrance areas.



The length of the mat is very important. The size has to be adjusted depending on the size of the entrance field and human flow. Studies show that 90% of dirt from the shoes is removed at the first 7 steps on a properly designed 3-zone cleaning system of mats.