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What we know and what we've done?

HD Doormatting Solutions

Thanks to our long experience in the sale and installation of entrance mats, we know how important is to customers to receive quality products that meet their needs.

Customers are always looking for effective cleaning system with excellent appearance, easy to clean and attractive price. That's why we started the production of "closed" construction mats, with increased surface cleaning properties. You no longer need to lift heavy mats to clean because the garbage is collected in special grooves, where it can not fall on the profiles and expect to be collected with a broom or vacuum cleaner. The exclusive look appeal to the most demanding customers, and price are always a pleasant surprise.

Part of our program are doormats from Duo Series. Designed especially for extremely busy public areas, we know how important addition to their great resistance is to keep their good looks longer. The long lifetime is also important. Therefore, to meet customer expectations, our doormats are double face Duo Series - if showing signs of wear, necessity and impossibility of emergency cleaning or other reasons they can be turned from the reverse side and you have a new, clean mat. So, in fact, you get two mats, for the price of one, all cleaning features and advantages of the "first" and remaining for the "second" doormat. These two double mats and mean a longer life. To keep mats form Duo Series in excellent condition, except regular cleaning, periodically they have to be turned upside down, to allow both sides to wear out evenly.

Our observations show that many customers refrain from purchase of a doormat, because of high prices on the market and buy inappropriate solution. We production in order to make cleaning systems available to all customers without compromising quality. So you will find our products at very attractive prices.