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How to measure and order

Precise measuring of the mat well and correct order of your mat will save you extra works for fitting the mat and subsequent operations.

When you have existing mat well or set dimensions

Option I - When you have existing mat well or set dimensions, i.e. in a project.

In order to produce your mat according to the existing mat well, carefully measure the length and width of the mat well.


The length is measured in direction of traffic - L. The other measurement, perpendicularly to the traffic direction is the width - W (see the picture).

For production of the mat we need precise measurements of the mat well, that is L=...and W=...

If your mat has a complex shape, you have to provide us with detailed drawing and/or template.

Without existing mat well

Option II - When there is no mat well.


If you do not have existing mat well and specified dimensions you can:


1. Order the mat according the size you need.

To do that, calculate the length and width according fig.1 and send us the dimensions of the future mat well.

Your mat will be produced according to the size of the well.

For instance:

Your mat well is 100 x 100cm, the mat contains 16 profiles, each 6cm wide and 2.5cm end profile. The mat will be produced with +0 - 5mm tolerance.

Look fig. 2

Calculating the exact number of profiles

2. If you want  the mat to exact number of profiles and no end profile

calculate the size according fig. 3.


For its production we still need precise mat well dimensions, that is L=....and W=...


Additionally, as a remark to the order, inform us that the mat contains exact number of profiles, so we double check your calculations.

How to acamble the mat and frame

According to the ordered size mat and the transport conditions, your mat may be delivered per disassembled modules or packed directly. If your mat is delivered disassembled by modules, follow the instructions below:

Unpack the package

1. Unpack the package, find a packing list and check the contents of the package.


2. Carefully take out the profiles of the packaging.


3. Check for scratches and defects.

Arranging the moduls

4. Find the signs for start and end on the back of every modules and arrange them on the ground, following the indications!


5. Take out from the small plastic bag the screws and the Allen key.


6. Start the assembling by sliding the two profiles each other to the point of turning the screw.




7. Put the screws of the both sides of the profiles and turning it.


Repeat this action until assembling all the moduls.

Congratulations - you've already assembled the mat without mat frame.

If the mat is assembled, skip steps 1 to 7

Mounting of the frame corner planks

8. If you ordered entrance mat with mat frame, take the 4 corner planks, the mat frame profiles and 16 screws.

9. Turn the frame profile from the bottom side, as indicated. Put the end of the frame profile into the groove. Slide the second frame profile, and carefully insert the other part of frame corner plank into the groove.

Fixing of the mat frame

10.Use the Allen key and 4 screws and fix the frame corner plan.

11. Repeat the p. 9 and 10 for all 4 mat well corners.

11. Put into the ready mat frame the entrance mat.

Your entrance mat and frame are ready to install in the mat well.




How to prepare the mat well

To install the entrance mat properly, the mat well has to be made ​​according to certain rules and requirements.


1. On the floor, draw the shape and size of the mat well, according the mat ordered. Please note that the mat well size should be about 5 mm larger than the overall size of the mat. Be careful with width and length - the length size is taken in the direction of movement (L). The width is parallel to the size of the door frame (W).

Cutting the mat well

2. Carefully cut with a proper machine. The depth of the mat well must be  ≈ 23-25 mm, at least 23 mm. The depth depends of the body heigh of the mat frame. If the depth is higher, you can use a proper self levelling compound. Check the mat well size after cutting.










How to install the mat and the mat frame


To install your entrance mat properly, please follow the instruction:


Mat well size check

1. Check the mat well sizes.

Mat size check


2. Check the mat sizes.

The size of the mat well should be approx 5 mm bigger than the mat size. The depth of the mat well should be around 23-25 mm.


Frame corner plank preparation


3. Turn upside down the mat frame. With the screwdriver lift the 2 ends of each mat corner plank. Please, see the picture. Put the mat frame in the mat well. Use the created "legs" to level the frame.


Self levelling compound preparation


4. The base of the mat well should be healthy and strong. To level the base, use self levelling compound. Prepare self levelling compound according to the manufacturer technical data. If you need to lift and flat the level above 3-5 mm may be necessary to use special filler mixtures suitable for large thicknesses.


Mat frame levelling


5. Place the mat frame in the mat well and level it. The upper edge of the frame profile should be flat at floor level.



Filling with the self leveling compound


6. Fill with prepared self levelling compound up to the upper horizontal edge frame profile so that the mat has to 'lies' on equal base. See the picture. "Legs" of the frame corner planks are poured with self levelling compound and prevent  of the frame profile. This eliminated the needed of the pins attaced.


7. When the self levelling compound is dry and achieve its final strength, depends of the manufacture technical data and the weather conditions, you can place the mat in the mat well.