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Silver partnership

Our Silver partners are companies working in the construction and building
renovations. They are actively working on projects, but also supermarkets, which have large customer base. They are able to offer aggressively our products, even to have HDDMS mats specified in the projects. These partners can evaluate the potential of our products and plan their annual sales.
To obtain the status of our silver partner you need to plan an annual turnover of over € 10,000 EXW. For every 6 months your sales must not be less than € 4,000. Reaching a turnover of over € 25,000 you automatically become a Gold Partner. We supply you with the necessary samples, catalogs and other promotional materials, as well as the training needed for your sales staff. We advertise you and your sales point locations on our web site by adding direct links to your corporate web site and e-mail. As a Silver partners you can benefit from our strict Project Protection Policy.
For more information, see the comparison table.

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