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Rubber footbath mat

Our Rubber Footbath Mat keeps hygienic areas free of contamination and germs. This mat has thousands of pliable rubber scrapers that remove contaminants from footwear as the shoe soles are immersed in the disinfectant solution. This mat is recommended at entrances of schools, hotels, gyms, and offices, as well as pharmacies, health care facilities, and hospitals to prevent contamination from entering the building.


• Material composition: natural rubber

• Color: black

• Total height: 22 mm

• Weight: over 11.49 kg/ m²

• Modular dimension: 60 x 90 cm (over 6.2 kg/piece)

• Application: on the flooring


- The back of the mat is equipped with hexagon suction cups, ensuring increased grip on glossy surfaces;

- Design with modular system for creating larger surfaces;

- It is resistant to various disinfectant

- Liquid retention capacity: 4- 4.5 liter;

- Border design created for perimeter equipment with signal strip.

Cleaning recommendation: Water jet cleaning