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Our advantages

HD Doormatting Solutions

1. "Closed type" construction - Our system is called "Closed". Dirt and debris are collected in special grooves between the profiles, from which quickly and easily they can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or broom. You no longer need to lift heavy mats to clean the dirt. Instead of hiding the dirt under the mat, you better clean it!

2. Unique design of the profiles - unique arch shape aluminum profile is designed to meet the high requirements for stability in extremely busy public areas. Another advantage of the structure is its thickness - it varies from a minimum of 1.5 mm to 3 mm. Joints between profiles enable rapid assembly and disassembly, and if necessary hold dirt.

3. Resistance to heavy loads - Sturdy construction aluminum profiles makes our products extremely wear-resistant and capable of excellent uptake and distribution of dynamic and static loads.

4. 50% more surface cleaning - Thanks to the wide profile, you can get the mat with 50% more cleaning surface. We do not sell your doormat with "air" between profiles and solid floor cleaning system.

5. Reduction of foot step noise - End of the annoying "clack" when passing through the mats. The special assembly in combination with sound protection strips eliminate noise from passing carts and suitcases.

6. Quality materials - high quality of materials used ( EPDM rubber, PA6 brushes, 100% polyamide ) allows our mats to be installed in areas with heavy or extreme traffic and to be extremely resistant to weather conditions.

7. Superior design - very attractive appearance and design of our products HD Series fits perfectly into each entry area.

8. 100% quality control of production - Knowing how important for the customer is to receive what was ordered and to avoid any misunderstanding and , every mat produced passes through rigorous quality control, under 8 (eight) different quality criteria i.e. our production is 100% verified, before shipping.

9. Our L-profile frame features a unique stainless steel plates through which you can use to level the frame. It is no longer needed to anchor the frame with screws or dowels – the self-leveling compound of mortar fixes the "legs" for good.

10. Short periods of production - One of our main advantages is the rapid production and delivery. No need to wait 15-20 days, because only within 3 days of your mat will be made.

11. Low price - Do not forget the price. Our desire is to make quality entrance cleaning systems available to all, so our products are offered on some of the best prices in the world.

12. Warranty - assured of the quality of the production of our entry cleaning systems we give 5 year warranty on all mats.

Another added advantage is given to you by our HD Instant Mat Program. Due to the unique mode of assembly, our partners can manufacture and supply entrance mats, according to customer specified dimensions within a few hours. So, no longer you have to wait for days for production and delivery.