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Why HD ?

Customers often ask us what does HD mean in the name of our company and why our products are called HD60, HD40. Here's how our entrance mats gave their name themselves.

1. Heavy Duty – we have created a truly Heavy Duty product, which can withstand the stress faced by modern public entry areas. Heavy pedestrian traffic or loaded shopping carts or suitcases, our systems are designed to respond appropriately to any challenge.

2. High Demands – we tried to create a product which meets the High Demands of our customers because we know how important for them is to obtain a product that combines excellent quality and design at a reasonable price.

3. High Dencity areas - Our products are designed to meet all requirements of High Dencity areas, such as shopping malls, office buildings, airports, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, industrial buildings, etc..

4. High Durability - Thanks to using high quality materials and unique construction of our aluminum entrance systems have High Durability. Therefore, for HD Series we offer 5 / five / year warranty.

5. High-speed Delivery - All the features above we combine with High-speed Delivery, to get your mat quickly and within a reasonable time, just when you need it.

So we turned the letters "HD" part of our brand and corporate identity.

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