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HD Instant Mat Program

This is our exclusive product program, which consists of packages of fully completed profiles, used in all our HD entrance matting systems. Furthermore, it contains all the necessary accessories, extra materials and tools for assembly. The profiles are supplied in 2 standard lengths - 2.70m and 5.42m, prepacked in standard packages.

See the description of some of the packages:

1. Starter HD Instant Mat package
Contains limited quantities of all profiles, plus any additional materials, supplies, tools and devices to start their assembly.

2. Standard HD Instant Mat packages of profiles
Packages are available in 2 standard lengths, each containing profiles of one type of insert.

3. Packages of standard size mats of the series, which require special equipment for their production, such as HD DUO. The dimensions are chosen in a way to assemble any size, in 10cm increments – with minimum cut outs.

4. Mobile HD Instant Mat Package
By mid 2012 the program we will add our HDIM Mobile Package, which is a set of assembly tables and instruments, suitcases with supplies and accessories, as well as profile holders, specially prepared for installation in the roof of cars and vans. This package allows you to equip your assembly vehicle, from which to produce and install the mat "On Client's Site". This package revolutionizes the way of delivery of entrance mats. Instead of measuring - order - manufacturing - delivery - installation, taking sometimes weeks, you finalize the deal in a move within up to 1 hour, while writing the invoice.

With this product program, you dramatically shorten delivery times, because you already are a producer. You also win new customers, who have been previously lost due to long delivery times. The optimization of costs affects positively your profit margins. All this in addition to the increased number of customers. Your profit is under your control!

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