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HD stainless steel footbath mat with carpet insert

Our Stainless steel Footbath mat with carpet insert keeps hygienic areas free of contamination and germs. This mat has Stainless steel tray with 4 sided ramps and carpet insert that remove contaminants from footwear as the shoe soles are immersed in the disinfectant solution. This mat is recommended at entrances of schools, hotels, gyms, and offices, as well as pharmacies, health care facilities, and hospitals to prevent contamination from entering the building.


• Material composition: stainless steel, carpet insert

• Color of carpet insert: anthracite, gray, beige

• Total height: 9 mm

• Stainless steel tray depth: 8 mm

• Stainless steel tray thickness: 1 mm

• Modular dimension: stainless steel tray 60 x 90 cm and 120 x 90 cm, carpet insert in size 83 x 53 cm and size 113 x 83 cm

• Application: on the flooring


- Mat cleans and sanitizes sho

- Ramped edges reduce the risk of tripping

- Ideal for food production facilities

- Convenient mat size fits most doorways

- Carpet insert holds liquid disinfectant for effective cleaning of footwear at entrances

- Liquid retention capacity: 2- 2.5 liter

- Mat can be laid freely on the floor and its position can be changed as required

- The carpet insert can be replaced with a new carpet insert, or Brush Active carpet insert or even a HD4009 mat, so this tray can be used in the future, not for disinfection purposes only

- Other sizes available on request

Cleaning recommendation: Water jet cleaning